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The Western Association of Ladies for Relief and Employment of the Poor and the Adam and Maria Sarah Seybert Institution, established in 1914 as a fund to address the needs of indigent youth in the City of Philadelphia, have merged millions of dollars in assets to create a single, more streamlined charitable foundation with lower administrative overhead and greater grantmaking power, just as Philadelphia's most disadvantaged communities need it most.  The resulting foundation, which will simply be called "The Seybert Foundation," will continue to support nonprofit organizations whose missions focus on direct services to disadvantaged children and youth throughout the City of Philadelphia.  Seybert Foundation will honor Western Association's longstanding commitment to Philadelphia's most underserved communities through it grants program.

Dale Mitchell, Board President of Western Association said "By combining Western's assets with those of the Seybert Foundation, we can cut back on the overhead it took to run two separate foundations and concentrate our resources where they are
needed most."

For more information, please contact Diana Loukedis Doherty, Manager, The Seybert Foundation at - or visit